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Enjoy a sense of well-being with a professional massage.

massaggi olympusThe holistic massage is a technique that combines ancient and modern knowledge in order to gain psychological and physical health. It actually works by stimulating blood circulation and helping to restore the natural balance of the entire body.

This massage aims to relieve muscular tension and emotional stress amassed in the tissues, helping to recover the psychophysical balance and giving a deep sense of well-being.

Treat yourself with a real moment of relax!

Californian Massage
It wraps and shapes the body in its wholeness, with slow, sweet and sweeping gestures – It releases from daily stress.
50 min. - € 49,00
Draining Massage
50 min. - € 52,00
Partial draining (legs)
25 min. - € 32,00
Facial Massage
20 min. - € 28,00
Aromatic body massage
50 min. - € 56,00
Partial body massage (beck/legs)
25 min. - € 32,00
Classic relax Massage
50 min. - € 49,00
Classic partial relax massage (beck/legs)
25 min. - € 28,00
Shoulder massage
25 min. - € 28,00
Breuss massage
It handles paraspinal muscles providing relaxation of the central nervous system
45 min. - € 49,00
Energetic transmission treatment that allows to balance the various energy centers inducing a general feeling of well-being
50 min. - € 59,00
Vitalis Massage
The synergy of pure essential oils and herbal oils makes this beneficial and invigorating ritual a very special aromatic experience.Balancing and deeply relaxing. Suitable for sports people and golfers!
50 min. - € 65,00



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